Detailed Background Checks

Background Checks Only Police and Private Investigators Have Access To

While we know that the world is moving at a fast pace and everything is constantly changing, people still have the basic need to know the people that they are dealing with. Whether you are wondering if the person that you met on the internet is who they say they are, you are concerned about a loved one and their new acquaintance or you want to know everything you possibly can about an individual that showed up in your personal or professional life, we can find out their background for you. No longer will you have that uneasy feeling , wondering who this person is or what their past may hold. At Chicago Serve we have the ability to conduct all levels of background checks from the most basic check of someone's name to a full workup on their background including criminal, financial, legal, and driving records. Allow us to remove that uneasy feeling and those questions that may surround someone with one request from Chicago Serve.

These packages will be able to provide all of the information needed for most requests. In the event that you require more information or require an in depth search; we can also obtain a variety of other information such as property records, phone number searches, vehicle reports as well as other specialized information. Please contact us to request one of our packages or allow us to work with you to provide you with tailored information for your particular situation. Remember that we are here to help provide you with an accurate representation of the person that you are dealing with. At Chicago Serve, we want you to have the most accurate information at your disposal to allow you to make the best decisions that you can in your relationship.

We offer three background check packages as well as tailored services for your specific information needs. Information includes:

  • Misdemeanor, Felony and Federal Convictions
  • Sex Offender Checks for All 50 States
  • Professional and Business Licenses
  • Vital Statistics: Births,Marriages & Divorces
  • Court Proceedings, Civil Judgments/Bankruptcies
  • Volume discounts to high volume clients
  • Personal and Business Driving Records
  • References and Professional Credentials
  • Substance and Physical Abuse

1 - Standard Identity Background Check

Background Check Plan

Standard background check which is similar to background checks offered on the internet today.
Validates individuals name, relatives, drivers license info, etc. to prove that this person is who they say they are.

2 - Employee/Tenant Background Check

Background Checks in Chicago

Adds many details such as arrests, misdemeanors, felonies; used to indicate the person's credibility.
The individuals name, possible relatives, drivers license info, legal actions, civil actions and criminal background search.

3 - Full Nationwide FED/FBI/ Check

Background checs for Chicago Employeers

Full disclosure. Client must sign release that the information gathered will not be used illegally.
Professional listings, business ownerships, nationwide criminal offenses, bankruptcies, liens and judgements.